Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One Done

I finished the first sock from my handdyed sock yarn and the Harmony Guides pattern, Double Eyelet Rib. It looked terrible all the time I was knitting and I was sure it wouldn't fit. I tried it on after I had washed and blocked it, and it's quite a handsome sock. The lace looks just right. I'm so pleased that I'm knitting the second sock with quite a different attitude.

In spite on the fleece purchase on Saturday, this year continues to be the year of stash reduction, which is challenge when each year we add four more fleeces to the stash.
I'm spinning to weave a lap robe and have decided to do it in three of our Shetlands' colors: brown, oatmeal and white. My loom has a 42" weaving width so I can weave 2" stripes of each color, then repeat this in the weft. I used the McMorran yarn balance this morning to see what kind of yardage I'm going to need, and I'm going to need to spin a lot more than I already have. Driving home tonight, I realized that I can substantially reduce loom waste by using a dummy warp so I need to recalculate my yardage with that in mind. Even so, I have a lot of spinning left - lucky me. I love to spin Shetland.


Margene said...

Nice sock from handspun! The laprobe is going to be stunning in natural shades!

beryl said...

I don't know how much loom waste your loom has, but a lot of waste can be eliminated by using the yarn on both ends of the warp for fringe. Maybe a comfort to you -- maybe not!