Monday, April 23, 2007

Final Dye Day Report

These are the last two bumps of roving that I needed to spin up from our dye day in Grass Valley last month. I'm not bothering to show you the one on the right as yarn - it's yellow. Yes, I've learned my lesson about yellow.

The blues bump on the left was more rewarding. I had spun another skein similar to this, but this has no yellow - *no* yellow.

I think the skein is nice and certainly will contrast well with the many yellows I seem to have produced from that session. I thought that I had left a lot of white space when I was dropping dye, but I'd like to try it again with even more white space, and perhaps a wider range of colors in between the white.

This is my final haul. I'm pretty happy and ready to start a project hat. I love the locks in my basket, but I'm holding off on working them up as Amy and I are presenting a program at the library next month. I think they will be nice to display. We're not quite sure what the program will be so we have called it From Sheep to Shawl. The general idea is to cover the steps from fleece to garment. I think we'll have fun.


margene said...

The blue is very nice! All the yarns look great together in the basket. It's a nice display of spinning.

Jodi said...

The program sounds really neat!

The blue turned out beautifully.

Marie said...

What is this about yellow? Your yellow looks good to me and I like the green sneaking through as well. Great blue!