Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's Still Sheep and Llamas

We've noticed that our black sheep George tends to hang out with the llamas. He eats with them and always seems to be where they are. I fished around on the Internet to see if that behavior is source of the term "black sheep," but I couldn't find anything that relates to term to animal behavior. It seems to be something coined for human behavior. George is an odd duck, a bit reticent, so perhaps he just hangs with llamas because he wants to hang with llamas. He's the one who comes to fence and rubs noses with Buster, our Queenie.

Here, on the other hand, here are the light sheep. Robbie is the dominant in this group. He won an award at the Lane County Fair in Eugene for best yearling lamb. He wasn't wethered until after the fair so has a wonderful set of horns. (To see them, click for big.) Our grandson Kiernan named him Robbie the Ram, (in Kiernan-speak that's Wobbie the Wam) because his daddy is a fan of the St. Louis Rams. Mim points out that he's actually Wobbie the Wetheu.

In the end, it's still sheep and llamas. What you see is our mama llama moving the sheep back to the shed. She lowers her head and walks their way and they run. They acted scared for their lives, but when they get there, they stop, wait for her to turn around and then follow her back. A woman who lives across the valley told me that she loves to watch our guys through her field glasses. They really are wonderful entertainment.


margene said...

Watching animals is so much fun. I always get a kick out of almost any animal or birds antics.

alex said...

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