Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday morning I took my camera when I walked the dogs because I wanted to share a picture of the blooming desert peach. Unfortunately my battery was low so I decided I would just take my camera again today with a freshly charged battery and take the same picture. You would never be the wiser.

This is what I woke to this morning. That little hillock is a coyote rabbit trap. You can't see my dogs but they're down at the fence, barking viciously at the coyotes. The coyotes work in twos, from left to right. One goes over the top and the other traverses along the ridge. It works every time. The coyote that stays in sight urges the rabbit to run for his life, right up and over the ridge to the other waiting coyote. Soon we'll see them work in threes as this the time when they start training their pups to hunt. They don't even put a dent into the rabbit population.

I can't see the coyotes unless they move, they just blend in so well. And even if I've spotted one, it's easy for me to lose sight. Usually my dogs come back to the door after the excitement is over, but not today. About fifteen minutes later I happened to look out the window and see my dogs down there, looking to give some coyotes a piece of their minds and probably some other body parts. I called them back and they minded me instantly, raced all the way back up the hill, back through the gate and into the house. After more than ten years of German Shorthair Pointers, I'm always amazed at how well these boys mind.

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margene said...

We had rain and snow in higher elevations, but once again the valley is snowless.