Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spinning the Dye Day Rovings

I think the fun of dyeing in the roving is the discovery of how the colors work up into a yarn.

Even during the spinning, until it's plied, I don't what the yarn will look like. And actually the yarn may look like something completely different when it's worked up.

I was so excited when this skein was done. Notice the little piece in front of skein - little boast here. I guessed so closely how much to put on each bobbin - that little piece is all that was left on the remaining bobbin. I went right up to my workroom and basket of one-balls to see what I could put together for a hat and found the answer was nothing. The base colors we used in the dye workshop didn't harmonize with the colors that I have been using, so I keep on spinning - like I wouldn't anyway.

While there's too much yellow here to be what I had intended, I still think it's going to make up into a nice yarn. The green just got subsumed.

This is what I have so far, I'm plying a yellow green now, and then I'll do the blue violet roving. I'm not going to launch any projects until I have them all done.


margene said...

It's so neat to see the roving and then what it looks like in the skien. I'm always enchanted by that change. It's very windy...no precip as yet.

Sara said...

oh my! That last photo: they look all gorgeous together :).

Birdsong said...

You came out pretty well after Dye Day! What fun it will be to make something with these. I particularly like the blue and am a bit disappointed that the yellow came through so strongly on the green/purple/white roving.