Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dressing the Loom

I have half of the warp on the loom and have run out of white. You don't have to guess what I'm madly spinning on every morning. This is my first time to use lease sticks. We used them in the beginning class I took five years ago but I've never used them on my own. I taught myself how to sley from my hand, using Deborah Chandler's book but never looked further in the chapter to see her explanation of how to put the cross on the sticks. Lindsey explained the advantages of using the lease sticks to me when we were at the Retreat. It makes dressing the loom from front-to-back all that more fun since I can stop and leave the warp ends to come back to later. Notice how short the sticks are - they belong to my 24" loom. Since I can't put all the warp on these at one time anyway, I've decided to go ahead and thread the heddles for this sleyed warp while I'm spinning more yarn. I've never done it from left to right, but it should just be a matter of getting used to.

This is all the yarn that I have left. I like to put my warping board on top of this wooden box and lean it against the wall. It's much easier on my shoulder at this angle. Even with the yarn shortage, it's a big relief to have the weaving in progress.

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Sara said...

Looking good!

I warp the same way: lease sticks tied onto the front beam, through the reed, then through the heddles, wind on. So sensible, and it makes it all so easy :).

Have you seen Angel Wings? They are a device to hold the lease sticks clamped onto the front beam. I want some.