Thursday, June 21, 2007

Family Visit

We've had the pleasure of family this past week. Ian's daughter and granddaughter are resposed at Animal Ark where they spent two hours yesterday. We have no pictures of Paul - he's the cameraman. They're staying with us, because son Dustin is at football camp for the week at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Margi is backing up so fast that her hair is in flying forward.

And this is what she's backing away from. Animal Ark is an educational facility, about twelve miles south of us. A visitor to Reno should consider a visit here as an alternate to the other more publicized haunts, like casinos. Two bus loads of school children were visiting at the same time as our kids.
Maps are available for self-tours and staff provide informed lectures. Paul was telling me this morning that the Peregrine falcon plummets from the sky like a rock, hitting it's bird prey, knocking it senseless. It's then able to pick it up from the ground and fly off for a leisurely meal.

Our eight-year-old granddaughter loves animals and has an uncanny Dr. Doolittle sense when she's around them. I called my neighbor Mim on my way to work to see if the kids could pay her a visit. She said that she had a new lamb and would be home, so I called Margi to let her know. Aren't cell phones wonderful?!

Within the space of about 30 minutes, Sissy went from snarling cheetahs to petting a gentle lamb. She had a full day and I'm sure will remember most of it for a long time to come.
This is Dustin, the reason for the visit, breaking away after scrimmage to come over to visit his little sis who is running to him. I love this picture. Margi's son CJ is at football camp in Oregon this same week. Think of your grocery bill, then double it for their household.

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Birdsong said...

I didn't know about Animal Ark; thanks for sharing! I bet you are having a lovely week with the grandkids there:)