Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Year Blogiversary

We had taken a drive when my youngest son was just a toddler and we were residents of the very warm Redding, California. He fell asleep and in that time we had left hot Redding and drove to a lake to the west at a higher elevation. We went from sweltering heat to the cool of a forest canopy. When awakened, he sat up, gazed around in wonder, "Where came this?" I have thought the same so many times in my life since then. Where came this?

How time has flown. Just last night I realized that today was my one year blogiversary. Where did this year go - Where came this?! One year ago today I posted my first blog. It was a simple picture of four hats - no text. I hadn't figured out that part yet. A lot has happened for me in a year blogwise. Baby steps, as Sara says. I thought it on my drive to work today. What has happened in this year that wouldn't have happened were I not a blogger.

The first realization is that I wouldn't be weaving. I would not have met Birdsong or Sara - we met first through our blogs. As the thoughts flowed and the miles passed, I realized that I was thinking in terms of community. I have a genuine, real, honest-to-god, community of blogs and bloggers that I engage with. While I haven't met Sylvia, Birdsong has - camped with her even. She has met Margene as well. Probably the biggest single thing though is that I fell in love with weaving, thanks to Leigh, Sara and Marie. I'm weaving Leigh's ideas, almost, but since I can't count, it's the same, only different. The hardest challenge in weaving for me is math.

Jodi keeps me reading good stuff. I can keep in touch with Amy, my bestest friend, but still 35 miles away. Valerie is my Soul Sista'. Oh, and Marcy. If you don't already read her blog, just go stand in the freeway. I have Cindy to thank for awesome fiber uTube videos. Steph keeps it real and in color.

I know that many of my friends read my blog - you tell me you do. I encourage you to dip your toe in the blog pool. The water is fine. And here's a place to start. It's so easy that, if the math challenged wanna-be weaver can do, anyone can.


Marcy said...

You are very funny. But they don't have to go stand in the freeway--a side street will do. :D

One of the wonderful things about these here blog communities is when intersects happen. Of the people you mention, I know three and have met one IRL. Crazy, huh?

Valerie said...

Happy Bloggiversary! What a wonderful post! I feel that sista' thing too, Sharon.
In fact I was thinking similar thoughts of a "community" of weavers having just returned from the MLH workshops.

margene said...

Blogland is such a fabulous community. I love the comradeships, the sharing and abetting that happens here;-) It's wonderful to have you as part of this wonderland we enjoy. I think I'm the 'one' that Marcy has met in real life...or maybe she meant Sara. ;-)

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary! My effort to comment on your first post led to my accidentally creating my own blog, so my blogiversary is Sunday. Reading your blog, and all the others it has led to, has continually inspired me to dive further into fiber projects. And house projects. And garden projects. It is amazing to be part of a community that transends geography! Happy Blogiversity!!!! (We should have a cake. Chocolate, maybe? ;-))

Birdsong said...

Happy Blogiversary! I was so glad to meet both you and Amy this way, then in real life... I hear we are all signed on for the Nevada County fair again and I better think of something to enter in yours... what great connections we have been able to make in the past year.

Leigh said...

DH was home on vacation all last week so I've barely had time to keep my own blog updated let alone visiting my friends. Happy Blogiversary!!!! May you have many many more. Thanks for all the wonderful links too; more new friends to meet.