Saturday, July 28, 2007


This is Allie's sweater, knit from Schaeffer's Elaine yarn. It's a wonderful thick-and-thin yarn which I've found it at other other yarn shops but my LYS doesn't carry it and says they aren't interested in carrying it in the future. So when I buy it somewhere else, I don't feel guilty. One skein makes a baby sweater.

This is all the leftover yarn I had - that's the closest I've even been on a project and it kinda made me jittery.

Well, now, how cute was it. Let's take another look. Pretty darn cute, objectively speaking.

We were baby sitters this weekend. It was a terrible experience, as you can see.

Not only did we babysit grandkids, we were babysitters for our neighbor's dog, Sammi. Kiernan tried to sneak her into the car so he could take her home. We're babysitter's, not dognappers!

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Birdsong said...

Oh, what a wonderful grandchild and the sweater's pretty darn cute too! We have that yarn where I work, so you could get some and not feel a bit guilty. Maybe you would even let me print a photo?