Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Big Sky Kind of Day

Today was a Big Sky kinda day. This is the south end of our valley where Mim lives. Look for the trees about midway in the shade on the right. Evening comes much earlier at her house than at our's, but snow also stays on the ground a lot longer too. I shot this on my way to work this morning.

I always love the view when I start into Ross Creek Canyon - the home stretch. There are so many layers to this vista. I have promised myself that I'd stop for this picture and it's taken me nearly five years to actually do it. When I'm on the road home, I want to be home. Tonight I stopped.

One picture leads to another, especially when you're not paying to have film developed. I drove ahead to the pullout so I could include the pasture in a shot. I didn't expect horses and I'm sure they didn't expect me.

Okay, now they're done - nothing to eat and I'm frankly boring. If I read horse body language correctly, they're disgusted.

This evening I snuck carefully around the house to catch a picture of this rabbit dead center in my shot. He seems so happy to have the dropped bird seek all to himself. I was so smug at having caught him that I stood up, which startled the other three rabbits that I hadn't seen who then scurried to safety. Come on - I'm Elmer Fudd without the speech impediment.


margene said...

Aeeeee, what's up doc?
Gorgeous sky and the horses are so magnificent!

Birdsong said...

Nevada has so much that is wonderful about it... thanks for sharing such lovely photos. That's pretty funny about the rabbits, though.

Leigh said...

Your sky is such a beautiful blue. Great photos.

Tina T-P said...

What a beautiful trip to work you have - I have wonderful glimpses of Mt. Baker (about 50 miles away) - especially gorgeous on a "non cloudy" day - but always interesting as she changes with the seasons - I often wonder what the early settlers thought - at 10,000 ft. in elevation - it is a big mountain and really looks a lot closer than it is - but it is so pretty - You have inspired me - maybe I'll start taking my camera to work for a few days & see if I can get a good picture.

There was a cottontail smack dab in the middle of the driveway when I got home yesterday - the funny thing was, our big yellow cat was sitting on a rock not more than 10 feet away - he must have been sleeping...