Saturday, July 07, 2007

Finished Objects

A friend at work is expecting her first baby next month and this is for him. It's a Lion Brand pattern and I wish I had knitted it from their yarn, not substitute. I'm sure she'll be happy with it, but I'm not as pleased as I wish I were.

Another gift from fun stuff I bought at Imagiknit in San Francisco. The yarn is Jawool from Lang Yarns. So many of the computer-dyed yarns are harsh on the feet. I still think Lorna's Laces is the nicest but her rainbow dyed colors tend to clump up in the socks. I like the hand of this yarn and am pleased with the results.

I am especially happy with this sweater knit from Elaine by Schaeffer. My LYS doesn't carry it so I didn't feel bad about my purchase. It's a thick and thin wool, and one skein makes the sweater. This is my second baby sweater from it. Chrissie would like some buttons, so I think I'll just put a couple at the top. Who's this for??
Granddaughter Alexia. Don't you think the boots complete the outfit?

The most recent New Yorker came today. The first entry in The Talk of the Town was very disturbing and decidedly unsettling.


Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

I think the hooded baby jacket is adorable. I like the touch of just the two buttons at the top. And the garter stitch should be cushy and warm.

Leigh said...

You've been wonderfully productive. And with excellent results!

Valerie said...

Thanks (I think) for the New Yorker article....tho'. My gut lurched when this guy claimed he could still be VP and on the board of Haliburton w/o conflict of interest. So much has passed since then...and my gut too often is right.

You've been pretty productive with those needles! Nice work. Boots must be "in" for the pre-school set?