Friday, July 27, 2007


Hermi sent me this picture of herself to show that, indeed, you can hike and knit. I've never seen her without a piece of knitted attire, even though she lives in Las Vegas. We met at a Judith MacKenzie workshop in Virginia City a number of years ago. She also belongs to my local guild. She found my blog a while ago, and we have stayed in touch by email. She's in Reno for the board meeting of the Friends of Nevada Wilderness on the same day as our guild meeting so we haven't been able to get together.
The board meeting was finally on a different weekend and we were able to meet on campus for lunch today. Amy and a friend of Hermi's joined us to knit and talk furiously for an hour a half. Then we all had to get back to business. It was a wonderful interlude. Hermi's sweater is "hot off the needles" and knitted from Barbara Allbright's latest book. She learned to knit as a girl growing up Switzerland and is the only person I know who knits as fast and I do. But she knits prettier.
This vehicle has been abandoned alongside the highway for over a year now and has become a political bulletin board. It's a little sad when you think that in the past, this camper provided someone with good times and happy memories.

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