Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I tried to show yarn the way that Leigh does on her blog, but I think I should have done it before I fulled these skeins. The penny - she uses a dime but I could only find this cent - wanted to fall through. I think it wanted top billing, hah. I know you're not supposed to full yarn that you intend to weave with, but I hadn't intended to weave in the beginning and had already fulled the yarn to knit.

Yet another spectacular show tonight- Arizona Highway's stuff.


Leigh said...

Oh, the penny works nicely too! Anyting to compare for size. I loved clicking on the photo to "biggify." Your spinning is beautifully consistent and the yarn has a nice luster.

I don't know why fulling first would matter. You'll probably be closer to the finished size as you weave. Isn't that what superwash merino is? Fiber that's been fulled before spinning so it is preshrunk? Hmm. Maybe I need to go look that up.

Michelle said...

Your sunset photo literally took my breath away! Arizona Highways should GLADLY pay for that. Beautiful yarn, too.