Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn is Upon Us

I put three skeins of our different Shetland boys in the same dye bath and got three different results, as I expected. I'll dye some solids to go with them to knit up as hats in a couple of days.
Under this ignomi-
nious wrap is the fabulous batch of soap I made this morning. The washed plastic bottles are draining so I can make dye stock solution and store them in clean containers - thanks Chrissie for drinking all that juice.

I haven't sold a felted bag in a while so haven't been thinking about making more, but I sold two in the last week so this is my first replacement in the works. I'm always happy about anything that is stash reduction.
The weather is changing so quickly, it makes my head spin. Ian takes the dogs for a ritual drive every morning and has for years. He has driven by the house that burned yesterday and waved to the owner working in the yard. He said today the house is boarded up with plywood. I wish the owners well.


Kathy said...

Our weather changed in the blink of an eye here, Sharon. It was hot, miserable summer...then suddenly the winds changed direction, it got much cooler and we had quite a bit of rain. My bones haven't caught up yet. But the sheeple are feeling much better about sporting their heavy fleeces now.
How'd Sven's fleece turn out? He asked me to ask you that. ;)

Kathy said...

Meant to ask: What dyes do you use???

Nina said...

Goodness you've been busy! I like the skeins you're going to use for hats. Your felted bags are gorgeous. I love those colours.