Monday, October 10, 2011

Robyn Spady's Workshop

Our workshop was held in the Wolf Run Golf course meeting room. Robyn lectured in the morning and the twelve of us wove all afternoon. Wolf Run provided a continental breakfast with endless coffee, an outstanding lunch in their dining room and then afternoon cookies and more coffee. This picture is after lunch. Things always picked up after the warm cookies appeared.

That was my little borrowed loom in the center back of the first picture and I was weaving Double Weave Dukagang. That's such a fantastic name for such a simple weave - it was favorite of all the 17 structures we wove. I had a blah warp, but the 20/2 slubby white and the 10/2 blue made a fabric that I instantly fell in love with - I could make yardage and sew it! I'm pretty sure this means I'm not a structure/weave person, but a color/pattern person instead. Heck, I'm a huge fan of plain weave, only not in towels. Plain weave towels are not thirsty towels, and I cannot wait to put on a huge warp and see what towels I get.
I really got what we were doing but I realized looking around that I've not acquired interesting yarns and colors.
Melissa on the other hand was cranking out colors like this. The one thing I learned above all else is how to read a draft. I am confident that I can read any draft I come across, no matter from what time period. Thank you Robyn!
Saturday night after the workshop, I grabbed a Port of Subs and was a able to catch grandson Kiernan's last home football game. His team is terrible but he plays very well when the coaches put him in. Once the sun went down, the temps followed to below 40, at which point SIL Mikeal appeared with hot cocoa for Alexia and me. We held the hot cups in our hands and slurped. After the game, I complemented Kiernan on some of his plays and, in front of his teammates, he rewarded me with a big hug. Warmed me right up :)


LA said...

Family time AND a weaving are one lucky lady!!!

Beryl Moody said...

Glad you enjoyed the workshop. She put on a real good lecture too - I've tips galore from her handout.

Valerie said...

I'm so glad you liked Robyn's workshop. Every one of the workshops she teaches is chock full of useful, helpful information.

Now you can sit and browse through your sample book and day dream about what you will weave next.

Evelyn said...

Sounds like a great weekend! It will be interesting to see the colours of your next yarn order. ;)

Theresa said...

So, going bold with colors next order? :)
Color is such fun in weaving, color and texture even more fun! Sounds like just a wonderful day all around.