Thursday, June 05, 2014

Tying up Loose Ends

Son Josh called earlier this week and asked if we could come to Bend this weekend instead of next, because it's the last weekend of the school year and a lot of fun things are happening.  Our house sitter was able to make the switch and so we're trying to tie up loose ends so we can leave early in the morning.  I just finished winding this warp and set it aside.
These are the colors I decided on.  I used as much of the fuchsia as I could and then substituted the hot pink for the rest.  I tried to buy more of the fuschsia from Webs but it was a discontinued color.  I'm going to be there the end of this month and will see if I can something close to it.
That's my last warp on turned taquete for a while.  I made towels from this draft about four years ago and plan to weave them again next.  I'll use white warp and bright weft and I'm thinking I might try a black warp and bright weft after that.
I bought three giant cones of cotton at the last guild meeting. Lorene priced them at $5 and I couldn't resist.
I used two of the cottons and I got this far toward a couple log cabin baby blankets.  I spent most of yesterday in Truckee at the outgoing and incoming guild board meeting, and today I'm packing and getting ready to go. I'm taking starts from our yard; some of them are day lilies from our house in town that I planted when Josh was in junior high school.
I'm going to finally tackle all the skeins of handspun yarn this summer.  I have this bag full and two full bins.  I'm going to color them with natural dyes and weave them into lap robes.  I'll decide what to do with the lap robes after they're woven.
And when I was at the board meeting, I picked up my bag that was part of our guild's participation in the bag project at the Conference of Northern California Handweavers. I was quite surprised and pleased at the judges response to my stumbling bumbling conversion of a horrible scarf into a little money bag. She said: interesting technique, blending made interesting colors lovely, nice design, good use of material, and very creative.  The strap is kumihimo and I'm packing it for the trip.  It'll hold a cell phone and credit card so I won't have to carry my heavy purse when we go out.  Perfect timing!
Devon came by on Saturday afternoon and got our little guys sheared so that's another task on the to-do list - skirt fleeces!

Okay, there's no more putting off the last loose end.  The final load is out of the drier and that means I have to go pack!


Deb said...

There is a store an hour or so from me called The Mannings. They carry a lot of weaving supplies. They might have the yarn that you want.

Not affiliated, but I know how it is to want a specific color

benita said...

Is that fuschia 8/2 cotton? If so, I think I have at least one cone of it I can send to you. Let me know.