Monday, February 26, 2007

First Lace

This is the first lace I've ever knitted. It's just one sock and I can tell you that there is two socks worth of knitting here. I ripped as much as I knitted. It took forever before I finally was able to see what the stitches produced and keep track of the pattern but when I finally did, I found the knitting very enjoyable. It's only a four row repeat but it feels gratifying now that one sock is done and I'm pleased to find that I like working on the second one.

I caught this picture of finches feeding in the front yard. There have to be at least a hundred of them. No wonder the thistle socks are empty tonight.

Speaking of tonight, I drove home through the worst snow conditions I have ever experienced. I just thought I'd take a picture of one of our llamas contentedly kushed in the snow but all I got was a picture of blowing snow. Buster is on the edge of our deck and, at this moment, those tracks are erased. We haven't had snow much all winter and now it's decided to fall all in one day.


Sara said...

Hah! See? Rail at the Sierras, and they will pay you back :).

No snow here last night, and there are even patches of blue periodically. More predicted though, phew.

margene said...

All that white stuff is burying us right now. It is all coming at once!

Birdsong said...

Yay, you did it! I love the sock and hope you can bring yourself to make another.