Saturday, July 21, 2007


The weaving has commenced. I haven't woven in a year and I haven't woven on this loom in at least two. This loom has some problems that I don't think I can do anything about. The front apron rods are shorter than the reed by at least an inch on each side. The warp was bunched up on the edges so I ended up having to unweave and remove 1 1/2" of warp from both sides. And because I no longer had a floating selvedge, I decided to switch to tabby, not stopping to think that I had warped for twill. This means that the plaid isn't beating square. I've gotten over my disappointment and am moving on. I looked at my old 24" loom and the front apron rod and reed are the same length. I guess I just need to focus on using this loom's eight harnesses.
I've left the spare warps dangling off the back until I weave a little more and can free it up for weft. Like my toes??

One dog bed.

The other dog bed.


Marie said...

Can't you get new apron rods? I think your weaving looks great. We are so self critical!

Sharon said...

That was my first thought but I realized they wouldn't fit onto the cloth beam if they were any longer. It's a definite design flaw. I'm going to weave more on this loom before making any decisions about selling and replacing it.

woolydaisy said...

hi sharon- i love your dog-i'm missing dog energy. your new photo of yourself is great!!!! will you be coming to birdsong's?

Tina T-P said...

Hmm - that 2nd dog bed looks like a cat bed to me - I'm so impressed with all the work that goes into weaving - I read Leigh's Fiber Journal and just shake my head - I'm lucky if I can get my crocheting to be square LOL - T.

Leigh said...

Sharon, your weaving looks great! Never mind that it doesn't match the picture in your head, weaving rarely does! It sounds like you've had to overcome a lot with your loom, but this is definitely worth it. Well done.