Friday, July 06, 2007

Whadda day

The sun set yesterday on a record-breaking 108 degrees in Reno -but really a quite pretty sunset for us. This morning when I checked the NOAA site, I was troubled to read that, because of these record setting temps, we were in a weather fire watch. Sure enough, come afternoon, Eddie could feel the atmospheric activity, much before we were aware of it.

This dog is capable of striking terror in other dogs - horrible ranch dog, but come lightening activity and atmospheric change, he's a wus. His worry of lightening activity became real.

We could smell smoke outside after the storm passed and it was 0h-so-very real. I have no pictures of the fire below our house because I spent the energy being anxious, watching with field glasses. The VFD truck came, but was challenged by fences and gullies - I understate their cross-terrain challenge. They got to our fire and put it out, then withdrew to the other the fires. Yeah and phew~

Yesterday on my drive home from work I saw the bulletin for the Volunteer Fire Department's annual picnic later this month. I'm not going to that I thought, it's way too hot for an event - been there, done that. I can assure you that I will be at all of their picnics, forever and ever, amen.

This is the most beautiful site of a fire plane. I grew up East San Diego County. Five times my family was loaded to evacuate, and I can tell you that this is the lovely site that we used to call a Borate Bomber. Whatever you call it, fire help is saintly. We were lucky today to get good a rain after the storm since NOAA had forecasted dry lightening strikes. I am thankful in the most humble way that anyone should want to suit up in this weather and take on the fire demons.

It's looking better. It's spooky living in the unknown...
A friend from town called just now with evacuation information. I cannot tell you how rich it is that we don't have to apply that information - - today? We are very lucky.

And how benign it all looks after the storm has passed to the west. Many, many, many fire trucks have gone by and are still engaged in the fires to the east of us. Is it any wonder that America loves it's fire fighters? Who are these guys and why do they do this????


margene said...

It's a fear we're all living with here in the West. We're all sitting on tinderboxes. Glad it all ended well for you!

Beryl Moody said...

I'm really glad that the fire situation in your area was handled quickly. This is a scarey summer.

Valerie said...

I've been wondering how you were faring during the news of the Lake Tahoe fire last week.

I agree with you on the firemen appreciation.

It's been dry here. We live on a wooded lot and have a new neighbor who's a bit of a pyromaniac. When we politely let him know that open fires are not permitted in the township, he just moved his fire ring over a little hummock out of our view. But every night it smells like a northwoods campground outside. Then for the 4th, he set off fireworks for 3 hours. I'm hoping we get through the summer without him burning us out.