Monday, January 14, 2008


As you can see, Jodi was right. They are houseplant ornaments, though Amy says she really liked Lee's borks and firds.

My XP migration to Vista is mostly done and mostly frustrating. The $45 cable from Best Buy was worth the cost in terms of peace of mind, but still insulting when I acknowledge that it's a one time use and should have been included gratis from Senor Gates. If you ever need one, let me know. I have one gathering dust. When I bought my "old" laptop three years ago, learning to use XP was a huge frustration since we were using Windows 2000 at work. Now here I am doing this thang again. Learning curves - they say they're a hedge against brain decay. Since weaving is one huge learning curse, oh excuse me, I meant to say curve, I should have some form of immunity.


Jodi said...

They're cute as can be! My violet in that color is blooming right now, too.

I haven't "upgraded" to Vista yet. My husband's work upgraded to Vista, then changed back to XP, so I'm taking my time. My husband works at the corp. HQ for a nationwide retailer, so that's really saying something.

Lee said...

So cute!

We have Office 2007 in our library (not Vista yet, thank goodness). Blech. I'm not much for change, either, but this one was really beyond the pale. I'm sticking with Macintosh at home.

Leigh said...

You'll do fine. I have to admit that switching to Ubuntu Linux was pretty easy. My last Windows OS was XP, and Ubuntu was similar enough that it wasn't at all frustrating. Some of the software however, (like the gimp, image editor which I now love) was another story!

I love the plant ornaments. Very clever.