Monday, October 12, 2009

Fixin' to Get Ready

I took Becky's advice and Navajo plied the silk and am pleased to see the colors are preserved. I'm spinning the teal blue a little thicker as a two-ply. I think this is a much better solution than plying the two together.
After all the hats I've made, I've never kept one for myself and only have the very first one I made many years ago. I've gotten better since then. I finally made one for me and I think I'm probably going to need it in New York.

Ian stopped by the house yesterday to give Lexie her hat, which she is modeling for him with the sweater. We decided that we like the sweater so much that I can do it again, but this time in purple or lilac. The pattern was for worsted and I improvised for sport weight so I'll just use worsted next time.

When Ian came home he had presents for me from Alexia and Kiernan. They made birthday cards for me, and they are my most favorite of all. Kiernan included his football card which he is very proud of.

We leave for NYC in the morning and I'm thinking red, as in Big Apple. Ketchup with you later, he he.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

That turned out really nice Sharon!
Have a lot of fun and stay safe! Hope you can keep in touch while you're away!

Michelle said...

Oh shucks! With all the dither over Dozer, I missed yours and Jackson's birthdays yesterday! I hope it was happy and I wish you many more, friend!

Life Looms Large said...

Happy Birthday!!!

The hat and sweater both look great from here!! (I know, the pink just isn't your thing!)

Have a great time in NY! You definitely have some wonderful plans. Enjoy, enjoy!!


bspinner said...

Have a very Happy Birthday!!!!!

Love the hat and sweater!!

Have fun and be safe in New York!

Birdsong said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you are making yourself a hat, and yes bet you will need in in NY. The cards are just adorable and so is Lexie in her new fall outfit.