Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shopping New York

For dinner shopping, we ended up at the Fairway Market at rush hour and this is what the deli counter looks like then. The Fairway is a traditional grocery store in the Upper West Side and if you haven't been there, you will probably run across this name at some point.
The selection and shopping compe-
tition is crazy, but my favorite part is the cheese corner which is right behind the olive barrels. It has the best fromages counter I have experienced. We made cheese and bread our dinner every night - cheap and delicious. Our big meal was noon.
If you are a fan of Fashion Runway, then you under-
stand this. I went to Mood. It's at 225 W 37th Street and not obvious at all. We found it thanks to a FedEx delivery guy. It is in a commercial building and you get there by elevator, operator run, and the elevator has to call back for you.

I haven't sewed for 20 years at least so I'm not sure why I wanted to come, other than that I love Project Runway. Also, I've been saying that I want to weave to sew - so. I bought fabric. Expensive fabric. And since returning home, I've dragged down my sewing machine to the dining room. I'm practicing on "other" fabric for now.

I am very confused about sewing from my own hand-
woven fabric, and as expensive as the Mood fabrics were, I won't cringe like I will when I cut into handwoven. I am trying to sort this out in my head because come what may - I am going to sew with my own fabric in 2010.

I need to move on and promise to wrap up New York tomorrow. I could go on and on - but I won't.


Life Looms Large said...

That's great that you bought fabric and that you intend to sew with your handwoven fabric in 2010. I might need to join you!! I've been kind of intimidated to try because I'm not a great sewer, but sooner or later, I'll run out of fascination with rectangles!! (Scarves, blankets, placemats, rugs, runners...)

Glad your trip was so fun and I hope to get my pictures from my trip done soon too!


Theresa said...

I enjoy Project Runway and envy you the trip to Mood! Woohoo! Looks like grand fun but I can only imagine how overwhelming the selection was. Hope you'll give us a peek at what you found there. :-)

soxchik said...

I really enjoyed your trip photos. I went to school and worked in the garment district for a few years so they brought back a bunch of memories. I worked on the first floor of Macy's in an area called 'the arcade'. It was great for crazy people watching. I had to quit after a couple of months because my school workload became so consuming. But the gig was fun while it lasted. Great photos.

vlb5757 said...

I am so thrilled for you that you got to go to Mood. I love Project Runway and to be there where the budding designers were would have just made my day. I am excited for you! How totally cool! I have loved reading about your trip to NYC. Someday I hope to go back there for another visit!