Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Colors of December

Sue at Life Looms Large began some time ago to post the colors of the month, once a month. I'm not sure if she originally intended it to be a communal activity, but last month I caught on. She posts her colors and invites us to post ours. This is my first month, and wouldn't you know it, it has snowed and stayed. This is the spruce tree in our front yard that Ian decked out. Color.
This morning we woke to freezing fog, so although some snow has melted, the fog froze onto everything, almost pogonip. This is the tree that we brought down from the neighbors who lost their house and it's doing great. If you remember, it looked peaked last the summer.

Sammie is another color of December. It was one year ago this month that she adopted herself to us. Her owners were rarely home and she had taken to living on our front porch. One night at 19 degrees she appeared at the French door, covered in snow with a snow beard. We didn't know else to do and just opened the door. It wasn't until spring that the neighbors asked us to take their trees and their dog and left their home. Sammie loves us.
Blue is the most color I can come up with and the forecast is for another storm tomorrow. I'm afraid our colors of December just aren't very interesting. I know I keep saying it, but I get such pleasure out of snow because I don't have to commute in it any more.

That's all the color I have. Time to post your colors! Check the link I provided at the beginning of this post for the rules. I hope someone has some color because we sure don't.


Hilary said...

Beautiful pictures.

beadlizard said...

Glad to see the spruce is thriving.

I miss alpenglow. The color of December here? Oranges ripening in the trees? Green, green grass?

Life Looms Large said...

Nice pictures!! The fog in the valley picture captures what I think of as December colors - how outside it gets all pale....even the sky. (I did avoid photos of that paleness and ice this month...but next month I suspect it will be unavoidable!)

Thanks for joining it!!! I'm glad to see colors in all different places!!!


Life Looms Large said...

Sharon -

If you want, you can put a link to this post in my post so other people can find your colors from that post. (The MckLinky thing at the bottom of the post.)


Theresa said...

We have color, mud color! I'm so envious of your snow.

Leigh said...

Sharon, beautiful photographs! Of course, white is definitely a color of winter, can't help it.

But .... what do I find myself examining? Your hardwood floor in the photo of Sammie! *LOL It looks just like the floors in my studio and bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

beautiful subtle patterns in the clouds and snow! Thanks for sharing. Evelyn

Michelle said...

I think you have beautiful and interesting colors in December! Thanks for sharing the loveliness.

Margreet said...

Very wintry photos, lovely! Yes, as long as you do not have to go anywhere it is lovely to look at the picture postcards outside.
Thanks to Sue the world gets connected :-)

Liz said...

Hi Sharon, I wandered here via the Colors of December. Your photos are beautiful. Is that green bottle stuck in the beam of a loom? Also, I think the cat photo for your banner is just about the funniest I've seen. Though having cats and looms myself I can imagine the initial moment of discovery. Helpful, helpful kitties!