Saturday, December 05, 2009

In the (Weaving) Saddle Again

I cannot believe what helping Jeanne with her loom as done for me. It was like taking a weaving vitamin or something. I wove these off today. This was that white warp that I wound a year ago because I wanted to see what it would look like with colored weft. I didn't think I liked the Ms and Os when I was weaving, but finished - I love the texture. These are going to be super absorbent dishtowels. I won't do white again. I can't really see it but it doesn't do anything.

All my dishtowels always seem to be different lengths. I just haven't been able to measure accurately. I read in Laura Frey's blog this week that you can cut a strip of ribbon the desired length of your towel, pinning to your weaving as you go. When you're out of the ribbon, the towel is done. These three are all the same length!

Jeanne blogged about our experience on the Jimmy Beans blog and included a very important piece of the experience that I had omitted. Charlie was a dedicated snoopervisor. Do all weavers have cats? They must be our familiars.

These are the very first cones of yarn that I ever bought. They were in a liquidation sale and a friend helped me pick them out. I'm not eve sure that they all the same thing, but one of them has a 5/2 sticker inside. There was about a yard left on the loom after I cut the towels off. I'm rethreading and going to use it as a dummy warp so that I can get three more towels from this cotton. I'm setting it at 18 epi. I hope that works.

DIL Missy stopped by this morning on their way out of Nevada. My grandsons were confused because they left Nevada, entered California, but were suddenly back in Nevada. California is like - just across the road. I'm confused too. Quick visit, hugs and kisses - but when Missy got to the car, she smelled cat poop. She also had their dog and three cats in the car, two cats in one carrier and one had messed. What a mess. She had to give them both bathes in our laundry room sink before they could resume the journey. Josh just messaged that they have arrived. Missy is diminuitive and that massive Suburban was piled to the gills. The final leg of this journey to Oregon has ended - what a day for her.
Ian loves to feed the birds, so during the day, we get to enjoy songbirds and at night we get the ground-feeding quail. I juststand in the window and watch them. I couldn't resist this photo tonight. Do you see the rabbit?

Last night we went to the Red Rock Hounds Christmas party. They throw this party for our valley every year as a thank-you for letting them ride through our properties during their fox hunts. (We don't have foxes.) They ride English saddle and wear hunt apparel, with the Master of the Hunt the sole wearer of red. The party is always a wonderful time, and last night Rita Mae Brown was there. It turns out she's a Hunt Master. I got to meet her and visit for a bit. I had to admit that I've not read her books but that's because I'm unable to enjoy the mystery genre. It was awkward for me, but not for her. She knows so much about authors and writing history. We ended up talking about literary authors who tried to become screen writers, and in the end she suggested a book that she knew I would love because I'm a Fitzgarld fan. I wish I could remember what it was!!


Theresa said...

Bird and bunny mecca! The towels look fantastic.
I've never done a dummy warp, please let us know how it works and how it works out!
I've read a few of Rita Mae Brown's book. I seem to remember a cat and a corgi and not much else. :-)

beadlizard said...

I've read nearly all of Rita Mae Brown's books and they are wonderful. One of those authors where the goodness of the writer shows through the prose.

I much prefer riding a hunting course sans fox!

Glad the weaving is flowing again. DH and I really enjoyed the quail photo.

Life Looms Large said...

That's great that helping another weaver get started got you started as well!! I'll have to keep that in mind next time I stall out!

Love the quail photo! Quail are not common around here. They're cool though!

Sounds like quite the fun party and brush with fame!!

The towels look great. I really want to learn more about different weave structures, so every time some one weaves an example of a structure it's great for me. I can never visualize things with the photos or drafts in books.

Have fun!

vlb5757 said...

I love the dishcloths. They are colorful! I don't weave but love looking at what others have created. I had to enlarge the picture to see the bunny. He/She really blended in with the rock or wood. I love that you guys feed the birds. I used to feed the birds here but my dogs would go after them. It was like I was setting them up for the kill so I quit. Couldn't do that to those babies. I miss feeding the birds. Maybe if we ever get out of the city we can try again.

Leigh said...

So glad to hear you're inspired! That's what I need, a weaving vitamin. Of course, it would help if I could get to my loom :)

We feed birds too and I love to watch them as well. Cute bunny, now, but I know rabbits can eat a whole lot of stuff we don't want them too in the spring and summer.

Anonymous said...

Love the towels and what a cool ribbon tip!

Robin said...

Love the towels and what a cool ribbon tip.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Beautiful dish towels! Love the colors! Someday....

Why don't you have foxes? I know we have them here, although I've only seen one as long as I've lived in this area