Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Day

Today was the second to last day of the Nevada State Fair and what a day! Stephanie Gausted was the fiber judge and Terry Mendenhall judged the fleece. I’m still trying to take in all that I learned from these two wonderful women, and I certainly hope for a teaching opportunity from either and/or both. Information shoots from them like static on laundry from the dyer.

What I do know that is that a buttery Huacay alpaca won the Champion fleece. I got to touch it – lovely. It’s from Jeanette Miller, my neighbor – hmmmm. I see her animals flock every morning on my drive to work - so very tempting. The Reserve Champion? Our very own Mickey Mouth! Doesn’t that make him the best sheep fleece? Tonight Ian and I sat on the deck and watched the sunset. Our guys all hustled over to make sure that we saw them, and of course, Mickey told us all about their day. Ian chatted back – called him Champ. And in the middle of the day we celebrated our granddaughter's second birthday. What a day of contrasts, from a wool fleece ribbon to a Tinkerbell princess in pink. I am rich.

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Birdsong said...

To think you own a Champ! How very cool... let me know if you hear of any class offerings from the Mendenhalls, they are not that far from here and I hope to get to pay a ranch visit someday.