Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ready for the Fair

All my entries for the fair are completed and ready to turn in. The biggest surprise by far was the felted bag, or fulled, as Mim the Felter corrects me. I tried to understand Sara’s directions but it was too new an idea for me and ended up using the Booga Bag that I found online. The only disappointed is that it’s quite small - only needed two oatmeal boxes were needed to shape it. The Romney felted up the first time in the wash cycle. The variegated yarn was Coopworth/Salish from Anna Harvey and required an additional three cycles. I took Sara’s advice to keep the felt out of the washing machine pump by putting the bag in a zippered pillow case.

I can’t wait to try another but I’ll make it bigger and do something different for the handles. First I need to spin up some Romney, and I’ve got plenty of it. I like the way the variegated grey overdyes and will use lighter dyes next time so it shows up better.

Back to the subject of stash, be careful of what you wish for Birdsong. Stash will find you. I came home from work tonight with five cones of wool. My supervisor received them as a gift from her mother who knows she likes to knit and these are her favorite colors. Liz would have to use tiny needles and didn’t want to try multiple strands, and so my stash grows and grows and grows.


Birdsong said...

Your fulled bag turned out just great! I think this is the same bag pattern I had with me at the fair, and is a very useful size. I am trying to keep a balance when it comes to stash, but discovered this afternoon that a ring-tailed cat got in the cabin's attic and wreaked havoc with an old black fleece I had stored...

Mim said...

I like your fulled bag! Good to see new ideas for the fair.