Sunday, October 04, 2009

Trip Update

I got these three cones of 8/2 cotton at Woodland. I was just about to buy some cones of gorgeous colors when one of the staff said something about mercerized cotton not being good dishtowels. Wrong stuff - start over.

I wanted colors to tone down the bright colors that I bought last time. I don't have a deep stash of yarns but with these added cones, I can see that I need to think about a better storage system.
I bought these two balls of Cascade to weave with my own yarn. This is the last skein from my oven dyeing binge. At the time of purchase I was thinking stripes and squares, but log cabin has popped back into my mind. I also bought a couple more skeins of sock yarn. I think I'm building a stash.
I finished my socks from the falling leaves pattern. It does require some fiddling. I cast on 60 stitches and ended up dividing unevenly for the instep and heel, adding two stiches on each side of the instep patterns to get the holes, so 34 stitches for the instep and 26 stitches for the heel. They fit and feel great.

I spun about four ounces and this is all the yarn leftover. As Michelle pointed out, it's a good reason to knit toe-up. I hear it but I don't feel it.

I also finished knitting Alexia's sweater. Here's a tip. When you're knitting for a child, don't measure, order yarn and then get burned out on the project so that it takes 8 months to complete it. The sweater size won't change but the child will. I like the sweater and am thinking about doing it again, only in a bigger size and not in this pink. As you can tell from her t-shirt, she loves this color. I need to think about this.

She has asked for a hat to match.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

That is so pretty Sharon! And it does fit her nicely lol

Theresa said...

Very pretty sweater pink and all! why not knit a hat with that pink and some other colors in it for some relief for the knitter!
Stash enhancement is always good and it looks like you got some nice cotton. I love 8/2, it's such a workhorse in the loom room.

vlb5757 said...

I love the socks. I am with you about the cuff down socks. I hear them but I just keep knitting my cuff down socks! The sweater is lovely. Have you got a pattern in mind for the hat?

Life Looms Large said...

The socks and the sweater are both beautiful. I'm a cuff down sock knitter too. (OK, I've only finished one maybe I'm not even a sock knitter!)


Laura said...

The reason mercerized cotton isn't good for towels is that the mercerization process makes them not very absorbent - not a good quality in a towel. Glad you got that tip!

I'm looking at all of mom's yarn and wondering what I'm going to do with it - I have a couple of ideas, but you know what? I really like your purple and green towels best. My kitchen isn't purple and green, but who cares!!

Leigh said...

Alexia is a doll. She and that sweater are quite the match!

I love the colors of yarn in the first photo. Good choices.