Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And done

I realize now that I could have made each towel two inches longer. I will know this for the future and have so noted. I wove this morning, took a lunch break and then got right back to work. Christmas Eve is breathing down my neck. Goldie is in the guest room and can't be there when we have guests.

Here they are, just fresh from the drier. I'm afraid they're closer to bread clothes by length but will certainly be serviceable as dish towels. I measured mine and realize that the short ones are also narrow.
These towels are from the M and W twill variations. I loved watching each pattern grow and was so frustrated to have to truncate it at a 2 1/2 inches. I want to use this twill in my next towels but will choose something that allows the pattern to shine.

These other two are plain variations - one tabby and the other a complete mystery to me because I flubbed up. I'm sure it will be absorbant. It's like the blind date - she has a great personality. As for the tabby on the bottom, I was delighted to see that the M and W pattern appears shadowed in what I thought was plain weave. I didn't' know that was possible. No surprise, since I know just about nothing when it comes to weaving.
I hope this photo shows how Anne Dixon has laid out her book. It's a magni-
ficient challenge. She shows the threadings across the top, the treadlings on the right side and the results in the middle. It's brilliant.

I got a phone call tonight from one of my favorite potters. He wants to trade me pottery for soap. I fly, he'll buy - in the morning. Ugh. He has pie plates. Why can I not talk Joe, our local potter into pie plates. I could walk to his house. My morning is cut out for me. (Picture me shaking my fist at Dale)


Tuesday Weavers said...

Those towels look amazing! I was just looking at that M & W threading this weekend...I'm glad you did such a great example.

Theresa said...

Beautiful towels! Good job Sharon.
Sounds like a wonderful trade too. Please, send us pics of the pie plates both empty and filled! ;-)

Life Looms Large said...

Mmmmm...pie! That is cool that you can trade soap for pie plates!!!

Congrats on finishing the towels in time! (And not just getting them off the loom, you've already done all the finishing like washing and hemming too? You are good!)

They look great! I've never tried M's & W's, but your towels make me want to!


Beryl Moody said...

Beautifully done!