Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gearing Up

I've started stacking and spreading my fabrics to get a sense of what sequences I'd like for my next placemat sets.
I cut these yesterday. They're quite pastel and all but one has a stripe of some sort. I'm curious to see what all the stripes will look like when woven.
In between loads of laundry I was able to get all the strips sewn together and then while watching Design Star last night, I got the first six rolled into pinwheels. I know they're not mandatory, but having that crease pressed in the folded strips makes the weaving go so much faster.

I cut these strips this morning before I went into town. I'd love to get them sewn tomorrow and get the next two sets of strips cut and sewn. I'm working on a deadline here. I need to get everything cleaned up and put away soon.

We have a Labor Day gathering here and if you haven't seen in pictures of it in the past, there will be a whole new set next week. Because it's the same weekend as Burning Man, it's been dubbed Sparking Boy. We turn our home into a campground for a weekend with family and friends, simply put.

The other deadline is the jackalope. I've knitted two more legs and am ready to assemble the body. I don't see how I can get it done but I'm not giving up just yet.
My Tuesday schedule now is to go to the gym and then pick up our CSA basket afterward - it's the same parking garage. I went to grab my bags from the back and realized that the "emergency" roll of toilet paper had freed itself from it's nitch and essentially toilet papered the whole back end of my car!
I've started using a different entrance and just noticed this sign today. I wasn't frowning.
This is the contents of our basket this week. The water-
melon flesh is yellow and is called Yellow Doll. We've had it once before this year and it's absolutely the sweetest a melon can get. We got more hot peppers so Ian promises he'll make his fantastic salsa tomorrow. I have some cilantro left over from last week - yum!


Theresa said...

How positively neat and orderly you are! The jelly rolls look almost too pretty to use..almost!
Yes, legs on a jackalope seem quite important or it might be confused with say a slugalope. ;>

LA said...

It looks like you're off and running on your next batch! Those will be fun to weave! Salsa....that's what I was thinking when I say the veggies on the counter!!!!

Cindie said...

can't wait to see the new placemats....and those jelly rolls again....I love them! I'm thinking after I (eventually) make quilts for the beach I might have to make a few jelly rolls with leftover fabric for decor. Will definitely be making some rag placemats with leftovers too.

Benita said...

How funny! God TP'd your car so you'd get a laugh when you opened the back.

I like the No Frowning Zone sign. We need more of them about the place.

I like the bright colors for the place mats. Which reminds me, I need to pack up some more fabric for you. Coming soon!!!

Jodi said...

I'm amazed at how quickly you accomplish these things! I manage to get very little done between batches of laundry.

The veggie basket looks fantastic -- I may need to rethink my no-CSA stance for next summer (I got burned by way too much chard and kale last time I did a CSA, and it seemed very wasteful).

Evelyn said...

You are so organized! And the basket of goodies is looks wonderful. Homemade salsa is the best.