Friday, August 12, 2011

Early Autumn

I came downstairs this afternoon and saw my poor Charlie trying to enjoy the outdoors. I noticed the other day how mature he is in comparison with his kitten picture in my heading. And while I'm at it, I've been asked about that picture. He was asleep on the warp beam and I thought it was so cute, I ran downstairs for our DSLR. As soon as he heard me come back in, he popped his head up and I was able to snap it, thanks to the camera speed. That's the floating warp he managed to catch in his mouth.

He was a skinny oil-covered starving kitten when someone found him on top of a tire in a truck wheel well and turned him in to the SPCA. I'm always sad that he can't have his heart's desire - access to the outdoors - but I remind myself that that is why he's still here.
He keeps me company when I blog. All of his little 8-pound self. This evening Ian and I were reading on the front porch, and Charlie laid on the window sill behind us and piteously mewled.

I hadn't charged my Kindle in a month so it died, leaving me with my library book. I was cool anyway, in spite of it being an August evening, and so I went indoors. It worked - Charlies' not dumb.
I wove all day, in between loads of laundry. I finished the last set and wove my sample pinwheel. So this is what it looks like - the American flag! I had thought it would be a sample, but the light went on. I'm running out of time for my craft fair. I'm stuck - this is it. Love it or leave it? I don't love it.
So on a more positive note, I leave you with Alexia at her Aunt Lynette's house and the mysterious jack-in-the-bean stalk plant. What makes me laugh the hardest is the wooden spoon in her right hand. Apparently Aunt Lynette has a naughty dog? We're not sure because any story from Alexia is, well - a story.


LA said...

I saw the placemat picture and immediately thought of my southwestern theme dishes...then you said you didn't love them! Isn't that the way it usually is??? Someone else out there has a set of dishes that will look perfect on them! Charlie is just lucky to have you!

Cindie said...

You may not love the placemats but they will fit in perfectly in someone else's home. Since I weave to sell I would find myself weaving what I like but I need to weave other things too so I sell to a larger variety of folks.

Jody said...

I keep both my cats indoors and let them lie in front of the open sliding glass doors in the warm weather. All I have to do is look at my neighbour's two mangy looking cats killing birds/ chipmunks or fighting and I feel really good about my decision.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I still like it :)
I don't make my cats stay in, but two of them do anyway. I sometimes throw them out because the tic me off lol but they don't go far and always come back in. I give them a choice, the other three are indoor/outdoor and are very healthy and sleek. said...

Gotta love that Charlie! He has a ton of personality in that 8 lb body, to judge by your posts! Back from pennsic.... not wanting to be. I will be putting up lots of pics over the next several days. I will have to look into Wolf Hall!