Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is not a plucked chicken, in spite of appearances. This is the current state of the jackelope from the Amigarumi Knits book. I had embarked on this project last fall, intending it as a Christmas present for Alexia. She selected the pattern and dictated the colors. I got a text yesterday from DD Chris, saying that Alexia was anxious that I finish this in time for her birthday, since I missed her 5th and 6th birthdays. She'll be seven this month. Relative time does get better, but I admit, I had lost track of this project. I spent three hours today, locating my place in the work, trying to understand the source of the error, reknitting the error and going back again, but now I'm to the point I was had it been done correctly. That was enough for one day.

Yesterday was a little off-kilter. I had to go see the surgeon for a revisit on a mammo that apparently no one liked. He said, go forth and do good or something like that and I intend to. I snagged lunch at Walden's and a quick visit with Melissa. Afterwards I went to meet Gail, a lady who had contacted me on the Internet. She had taken a weaving class in Arizona, bought a loom and was looking for a weaving studio. Since we have none, I offered to come by - pay it forward all the help I've received.
Melissa loaned me this video on Monday. I had pulled off a crown over the weekend and after getting it reseated, called her to see what she was doing - putting on a warp. We had a nice quite visit and I told her about Gail, so she sent me off with this DVD to share. Gail and I watched it and the went upstairs to start her project. I couldn't spend more than three hours and it flew by. I was thrilled to help her and stunned to realize how much I have learned. Her homework is to finish winding her warp, sley and thread it. Her enthusiasm is fantastic.

Afterwards, I went to the gym for my best workout and swim ever. My goal has been from the start - a luxurious continuous quiet lap swim. I don't know how to express what a joy this is. When I hop out at the end of my laps and sit there catching my breath, I think I might possibly be the luckiest person on earth.
I made a side trip to Mill Ends Fabrics again. I found some new colors and was at the register chatting with the employee, whom I recognize from when I first started shopping here in 1975 - different location. We had a couple of laughs but when she realized what I needed she showed me a dolly of rolls of the $1/yard fabrics. I bought the last of the roll of this fabric on the bottom. It's from a baby factory, Beatrice Potter themed, stained and stitched but it's 72" wide. I bought 2 yards last year. She said - my name is Kenna. Call periodically and I'll run back and check to see what's on the dolly and let you know if anything is new. How cool is that?!


Hilary said...

I love that you pay it forward.
Isn't that what it's all about, after all.
I always say I am going to join the Y and swim.....I start out fine, but don't keep it up.
I'd rather walk 3 or 4 miles.

Theresa said...

Oh man you haven't given birth to that Jackalope yet???:) I sure hope he looks better with some stuffing
in him and maybe, pants! LOL! Nothing worse than bare naked pepto pink jackalope.

Nina said...

Yay for the Jackalope! I can't wait to see him done. He does look a little scrawny right now. You should fatten him up a bit :)

danielle said...

Am glad to hear that you got good news about the mammo!