Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fitting It All In

I finished the walkway yesterday. I've had these pavers all summer and wanted to get it laid before the Labor Day folks arrive. Can you say Procrastination? And of course, I couldn't do it in the cool of the morning.
This is the end of the trail so I need to find some more stones. I didn't realize how physical this would be but it's up and down for every stone placement and then some areas needed total rearrangement. My heart rate got way up there on several occasions, so I would sit on the bench, drink iced tea and enjoy my labors until it came back down. I was sore this morning!
I planted this climbing rose next to an old barn loom frame for it to climb on. At this point, it has pretty much engulfed the loom frame. It came as a twig from High Country Gardens seven years ago - pretty impressive!
I spent the morning working on the jackalope. I finished the second foreleg and just kept going, hoping I could keep up the momentum. I now have the underbelly on needles and the next instruction is to Kitchener all these 100+ stitches. I've since noticed that this pattern is the only one in the book designated Expert. I have become a better knitter for it, I can tell you that and I have also learned some new stitches I didn't even know existed. I can now M1R (make one right) and w&t (wrap and turn). I wonder if I will ever come across these stitches again.
The gym and pool were crowded today. I saw this sign as I was leaving the parking garage and thought - thanks, I needed that! I did let my lane go earlier than I had planned and had a nice exchange with the guy I was sharing it with and the guy I let it go to. I had planned to kick some laps but wasn't unhappy to have an excuse to stop - they said they've used that excuse themselves.


Valerie said...

Yup...pavers of any kind are hard work on the whole body. Looks good!

You have more persistence than I would have with a jackalope...but then again, I'm not a grandmother, so I don't really know.

Have fun this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The M1 (left or right) is my go to increase. I think it is neater than the knit into the front and back of a stitch (at least as I do it).

Someday I will finish the little pathway I started through the flower garden. I keep finding excuses not to, though.