Wednesday, April 18, 2012


BC - before cutting. I finished the towels early this afternoon and pulled off my cloth onto the floor, and realized that really - this is just yardage. I could do yardage. My sewing machine gave me fits on the last set of towels, after I let the spool run empty. It got caught in a loop looking for that tension and I had to reset it constantly. It's been sitting for a couple of weeks and today it worked fine. Sometimes I wish I hadn't given away my mechanical sewing machine.
I found the photo of the pond that was my inspiration for these colors. It is in the greenbelt where the foot of our property sets and how thankful I am that the early planners preserved this for all of us. It's hidden - I'd have to show it to you.

I hope you can see the reflections in my towels. I called this series Desert Pond. I kept thinking I could catch Tide Pool, but I know I was missing some colors. I didn't have reference pictures from our visit to Strawberry Point, and it just this minute occurred to me that Amy would have some - shoot. We went there together and she takes a gillion pictures. I'm selling these at a small venue craft fair for the Red Rocks Hounds Hunter Pace on Saturday - must be set-up by 7:00. Ouch.
These are the colors I've chosen for my next set, the Hyacinth series. I started winding the bouts this afternoon because this is my least favorite part of weaving - I wanted to get a head start. Ian got up from his nap and asked if I knew Devon was here.
Even the dogs didn't know. I came racing down the stairs and grabbed the camera. He was on our last wether when I got there. He told me he'd be here the 18th or the 19th and he shears if we're here or not. Ian had kept them penned in today, in case and also left fleece bags.
I adore Devon and for those of you who know his mom, Helen McFarland, she's now 82 and has been experiencing back pain for degenerative spine. She recently received an epidural which has eliminated the pain. Her husband Jim suffered a stoke last year and is recovering very well. They're still in Topaz on Walker Forks Sheep Ranch. Oh, and another piece of news - Devon's vegetable-oil truck is no more, sad to say.
We have nekid sheep! Devon said that Oliver was starting to roo and his fleece is pretty gummy, just a heads up when I get to skirting. I'm a little disappointed since he has started getting darker, after a spell of getting white - shaking head.
It has been blustery and gray forever. The only thing growing here are the rabbits. Ian came in the house after Devon left with three loaves of bread from Village Baker in Ashland, Oregon. He said they call him to pick up stale bread so he got a 100 loaves this time. I put them ours in the freezer for toast. He says he uses what he can and feeds the rest to his fowl. I love my community.


Marion B. said...

Sharon, I love your towels. So beautiful and so fast! I seem to need ages before I get them on the loom. And then again ages before weaving :-)
But when I see your new choice of colour...mmmmm lovely.

Valerie said...

I do see the colors from the pond in your towels. And yes...when it comes off the loom it is yardage.

The colors for your next warp resemble the fall '12 Pantone color palette.

Cindie said...

Your towels are wonderful and what great colors you've chosen for the next set.

Hilary said...

OOH, I love your towels.....LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

bspinner said...

I to see the colors of the pond in your towels and love the new colors too. You have a very good eye for color.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Beautiful towels Sharon! You are so good with colors!
I am still waiting to hear from the guy that sets up the shearing for half the valley here, a guy from Idaho that did it last year is supposed to be back this year.

Benita said...

You did a great job pulling the colors out of the picture to weave your towels with - that are lovely!! I hope they all sell.

Your shearer looks like a very nice person. Enjoy your clean sheep for a couple of days.