Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last Week of Spring Break

This is my NCAA sweater cum trip-
knitting project. It measures right on gauge and so even though I tried it on a couple of times, I kept thinking that it's right because the gauge is right. Finally I had to acknowledge that it has all the shape of a knitted sweatshirt. I chose the wrong size.
I had been wondering what I would knit next. I'll knit the sweater in a smaller size! All that knitting took about 15 minutes to return it to yarn. It wasn't as painful as I expected and I know I'll be much happier by doing it right.
Alexia talked me into going to my library book group on Tuesday, so while I worked on a warp that morning, she was anxious to lend me a hand. I put her to work winding handspun skeins into balls. She loves to help - also helped me set up for the meeting, moving tables and chairs. We set up a table for her in front of a window and she kept herself entertained for the entire meeting. She is not her mother's daughter! Her son Kiernan would be that child. She texted me one night after a confrontational week and asked me how was it that I didn't beat her every day. It made me laugh, the irony. Parenting is not for sissies.
These are the colors I've chosen for my next warp. I'm looking for a sea glass effect, maybe tide pool or pond reflections? I'm so new at mixing color but the only way to get better is to do it.

I got the bouts wound in between other things. Because I sley the reed from my hand, it's a little nerve wracking to have Alexia call out to say she's done with her bath and wants to get out - today was hair wash day. It all worked out and the reed is sleyed.
Alexia was content to play and so I promised her we'd make cookies at 2:30. She got really antsy the closer it got to that time, and since I was threading, I suggested she read her book while she waited. She loves Junie B. Jones so plunked down on my weaving bench to finish her book - I suspect she wasn't taking any chances.
My new Schacht end-feed shuttle and accom-
panying pirns came today. It feels so strange in my hand, the weight and shape. I realize that will change with a charged pirn. Now I have to learn now to properly wind a pirn and that requires adapting my bobbin winder. I stumbled across how to get a good selvedge, probably the day after I placed my order. Had that been the day before, I probably wouldn't have done it. I'm like a deer in the headlights - what?!! They say the aging brain benefits from new challenges and weaving certainly provides a lot of opportunities. Why doesn't that make me happy tonight??

By the way, our book group read The Honk and Holler Opening Soon, and we loved it.


LA said...

Alexia has been such a great helper this week...and she sounds like a joy to have around! Have you thought about letting her weave "fabric" to make a poncho? She might get a kick out of that!

Benita said...

Sweet colors! I think your new towel warp is going to be pretty.

And I'm sure she wasn't taking chances - I mean making cookies is important, don't you know? :)

Cindie said...

Sorry about your sweater. I've only knit one sweater, I measured myself, matched up the size, gauge right on track and the sweater turned out too big. I've been gun shy about another one.

Love the warp colors!