Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nevada Wildlife

I have driven by a herd of wild horses the last couple of mornings on my way to work. I am always thrilled when I see them, but this is the largest herd I have seen, and they are by the road at the top of Ross Creek canyon, a rather public area. I counted eighteen on Tuesday, but the road is curvy there so decided to stop counting and drive. BLM will round up a herd larger than ten, so as much as I enjoy seeing them, I do hope they move on.

I took my camera this morning and they were still there, so I stopped and took some pictures, but tonight the light was so pretty that I couldn’t resist taking a couple more pictures. Then I drove a little further down and stopped to take a couple pictures of the ponds formed by dams along Ross Creek.

The road is so windy that I wish I was a passenger, and since I had already stopped three times, I decided to stop at the last pond and see if any of the white pelicans were still here.

And there were two still left. They usually come about May, en route to somewhere else and I love to see them. I grew up in San Diego. I don’t expect to see pelicans in the high desert, but nevertheless, they do come. It was still snowy and cold this May, so in the mornings they huddled together in a white lump on the bank. From a distance they looked like a clump of inflated plastic groceries bags. See for youself - they're lovely.

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