Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yarn into Fabric

This year I’ve been smitten by the combination of green and purple. All my dying seems to involve those colors. On Friday when I finally went in search of summer T-shirts (to find that they are already on sale making way for Fall), I realized when I got home that I had bought a green one and a purple one. The green and purple locks were gorgeous and in spite of being dirty were quite fun to spin. I am disappointed in the yarn on so many levels. It is blah, washed out, just short of gray.

I thought that the nasty mess the locks left below the drum carder would be worth it and charged on to create the lovely, cloudy batts. In the back of my mind I couldn’t quite stifle the feeling that this fiber wasn’t spinning up like any Border Leicester that I’ve worked with in the past. In fact, it spun up very much like Romney, of which I am not a big fan – too coarse, and hairy. In fact, I don’t like to work with Romney at all. This yarn really needs to be woven as it has no memory. I don’t like the color and I don’t like the feel of the yarn. Whatta drag. I can’t wait for the next dye day so I can try green and purple on something else!

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Birdsong said...

Well, from my point of view, I can say "awfully nice job on the spinning" without having suffered through the disappointments. Green and purple are my two favorite colors, so I am looking forward to the dye results!