Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Redeeming Misdyed Yarn

A couple of years ago I had spun up 20 ounces of Corriedale/Ramboulliet, dark gray plied with light gray. I knew that I wanted to dye it green but hadn’t planned a sweater so hadn’t planned the actual color, but it was taking up space in my workroom. Then the spruce dyepot from hell came into being and for some reason, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get this yarn dyed green.

In the past, I had overdyed some moorit with spruce and was very pleased with the mossy brown yarn I got. Spruce over moorit has nothing to do with spruce over light gray. I must have been running a temperature, but I invested all those spinning hours into a dyepot that made a two-ply yarn: dreamy moss green plied with dinnermint green. Gag reflex - where’s my Imitrix – I feel a migraine coming on. My rescue came from the Olive Gaywool Dye that I had in my dye stash. How many stashes do we phyber phreaks manage to assemble anyway?!

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Beryl Moody said...

If you like olive color, yellow over gray becomes green. I love murkey greens and this is one of my favorites. Try rabbit brush over gray some time. BTW, your greens are wonderful