Tuesday, July 04, 2006

We used to live right next to the park where the fireworks are. Everyone came over; we’d walk up to the overlook, spread our blankets and enjoyed the display. A couple of times we walked the mile down to the park and spread our blankets on the grass so we could see the ground displays as well. I haven’t seen fireworks since we moved out here.

This year July 4th became a dye day, kind of by accident. I had planned to dye the yarn I’ve spun for our guild’s fiber project this year. Instead of the traditional fiber exchange we’ve done in the past, each person who signed up received a hunk of washed dark fiber – Targhee maybe – a hunk of white fiber, some silk and some angora. Mim has a motorized Patrick Greene carder so I prepared my fiber at her house. It was such a cold day that it’s ironic I would be dying it in the heat today. It was a bit of a pill to spin because there was so much VM in the wool, but the yarn is absolutely gorgeous.

I want to weave a log cabin scarf. I practiced on some yarn I bought from a friend’s stash sale about eight years ago. I rainbow dyed some blah beige and wove it with black – very dashing – but not my colors. And weaving with knitting year – that’s a whole ‘nuther story. Today I dyed the dark with a light black bath. I mixed up three colors and squished them on the yarn and steamed the bundle for 20 minutes. The results are lovely. I can’t wait to start weaving. Wait, there’s already something on my loom. I need a clone!

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Beryl Moody said...

Love the scarf -- even if it isn't your colors, I'll be there is someone out there who would love to own it!