Saturday, January 21, 2012

And then some

We had a fabulous downpour of rain last night and the fire is now 100% contained, though 29 homes were lost and a 93-year-old woman perished. The prior firestorm was in a upscale area and I felt distanced from the event. This fire touches everyone.

It occurred in a corridor that you must drive through from Carson City to Reno. It's an area of small ranches running along a stream with very old trees. I remember my first time through there and the Merry Wink Motel signs spaced incrementally. "He who drives while half asleep is now buried six feet deep." Gone. It's all gone, though they did save Governor Sparks mansion, and I cannot imagine how. I saw the shell of friend's house in the flames. The origin was improperly disposed of fire place ashes. The individual has stepped forward, though I cannot imagine where that will go since he's an elderly man. Ian always worried about disposing of our ashes. Don't worry - he digs a hole.

The fire moved with terrifying speed in the winds, so that people just released livestock to run free. They're still trying to get that straightened out. We heard a report on the number of animals still unclaimed at the livestock event center - I forget the total, but Ian and burst out laughing as the list ended with a donkey, a llama and a goose. You look for humor where you can find it.
I wanted more than anything to just paint today. Erik and I talked over my painting from yesterday, and I had myself set up to paint before lunch. I just bought this crepe pan and so decided that the best plan was to make dinner, then paint my brains out, and afterwards put dinner in the oven.
Here it is, ready for the fridge. It's just two cups of medium white sauce with Costco rotisserie chicken, tarragon, mushrooms and peas. I added some dry white cheese for the last five minutes when I cooked it, and it was fabulous. Excluding the price of the pan, it cost $2.00.
This evening, I slit open a stuffed Christmas ornament that didn't get packed and shoveled in some catnip. I thought Charlie would be amused. I didn't stitch the slit shut. Charlie made a mess of things. Ian was not amused. The ornament/toy is no more.
Ian and I are in the midst of setting up a trust for our kids. I thought I'd quickly get things set aside that need to be photocopied, only I couldn't find one deed. After looking in all the logical places, I invoked my new year's resolution by accident - to clean up our filing cabinet. I came across amazing things, including my grammar school report cards, my ACT scores from when I applied to San Diego State College and my drivers license from when I lived in the Philippines in 1971. I did find the deed. I also found many documents and receipts that are no longer relevant. I think that's about 8" worth of paper. I'm not done, but I wish I were. No painting, just paining~ugh.

From my Kindergarten "Report to Parents" - Sharon knows her telephone number; she is able to recognize the numbers from 1 to 10. Sharon enjoys sharing experiences with other children. She should be encouraged to close cupboard doors quietly, sit in one place during storytelling time and be a good listener. Sharon is promoted to beginning first grade."


Michelle said...

I had to laugh at the kindergarten report; too cute!

Valerie said...

Yikes...firestorm in winter sounds very scary.

Your day sounds like tax season at our house...I want to play, dh wants to get it done and brooks no nonsense in the process. Hope you get to paint today.

Before you get rid of all those mementos, have you thought about making a collage? Your kids would probably enjoy that chronicle of your life...the old driver's license, the kindergarten report...etc. can't come to visit me unless you have learned to close the cupboard doors quietly! I suspect you've already taken care of the good listener part.

Marion B. said...

I just talked with my mother about your blog and the things I learn about your life in America. The way of life in your part of America, I mean.
The story about water impressed me and about that japanese camp during the war. I learn a lot from you.
And my mother likes to hear those stories from me then.
Thanks :-)

Have a nice week.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Glad that the fire is out.... now hoping that all those displaced animals find their way home!!!!

Benita said...

I need to do the same thing... Sigh!

I love the report card! So you were a cupboard door slammer, eh? :)

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Dinner looks nummy!
Its a shame what happened, the old guy is a good man though, he could have just let them wonder.

Maggie said...

Congratulations on your advancement to first grade! You must be so proud!

I'm glad you and yours are safe and sound!